Percerons Web Service Suite

Percerons is a list of web services that help software developers to adopt established software engineering approaches in their product developemnt. At this point there are three main service categories that are available inside Percerons:

  • Percerons Reuse Repositories,
  • Percerons Quality Dashboard, and
  • Percerons Design Expert

Percerons Reuse Repositories

Percerons Reuse Repositories collects components from open-source software. The created data base is meant to be used by software engineering researchers and software developers. The retrieved components have been collected through design pattern identification algorithms and by algorithms based on static class dependencies.
Design patterns are well-known design solutions that are reported to produce substantial benefits with respect to software quality. The importance of such a repository lies in the provision of a base of knowledge, where developers can identify reusable components and researchers can find a mined data set. Up to now, over than 100 open source projects have been considered and more than 4.000 pattern components and more than 250.000 dependency based components have been recorded in the database of the repository.

Percerons Quality Dashboard

Percerons Quality Dashboard is a "one-stop-quality" set of tools for Object-Oriented Software. We provide first class reliable assessments covering all aspects of source quality and all customer needs. Through our repertoire of low price on-line scalable services you will be able to assess different perspectives of quality ranging from metrics measurements to Quality Forecasting.

Percerons Design Expert

Percerons Design Expert provides a set of tools that help software engineers and more specifically designers and architects, to perform the optimum design decisions. At this point the Design Pattern Advisor service, enables designers to consider the quality trade-offs while using GoF design patterns.